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We need to translate science and medicine into words that help improve public health.

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Seattle Businessmag

A new model for drug development

Kineta is an unusual biotech company that does not ...

Finding Mindfulness: The Path to Parenting in the Present - ParentMap

Research, support and migraines - all use mindfulness as tool

Business Journal

Health Care of the Future: Entrepreneurs find gold as they mine ...

A small but significant strand of the future of health care winds through Seattleā€™s...

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Business Journal

Health Care of the Future: Entrepreneurs find gold as they mine health care data

Kevin Merritt, founder and CEO of Seattle software firm Socrata, stands in front of plaques representing clients. The company helps government agencies share d...


Hollywood Celebrates Breast Cancer Genetics Pioneer Mary-Claire King

[Corrected: 11 am 5/16] A sort of perfect storm of celebrity and media has hit the world of breast-cancer genetics.
Actress and international celebrity Angelina Jolie wrote yesterday in The New York T...

Acceptance key for children with disabilities - ParentMap

Why families struggle with social acceptance for their children.

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Seattle Businessmag

Bothell Bio Boost - Seattle Business Magazine

Alder Biopharma develops new biotechnology from Seattle suburb.

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Local Health Guide Online

Drs & pts go online 2 blog & tweet abt health, sickness & life

By Sally James (@jamesian)
Every morning, the first thing that Seattle pediatrician Wendy Sue Swanson does is check her twitter account, Swanson confessed to a crowd of doctors and oth...

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Seattle Businessmag

Gates to the City - Seattle Business Magazine

A longread about how one foundation may shape its home city.